How to Make a Rainbow Banner in Minecraft?


Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mozing on May 17, 2009. It uses the popular Java programming language for its development.

The game was first released in 2009 as Public Alpha for Computers, and 2 years later, the game was released in November 2011. Janice Bergston (a well-known developer of Minecraft) is responsible for the development of the play.

The game is “Minecraft”‘s favorite. In fact, it is estimated that about 1 million players are currently playing Minecraft. The game has sold 25,000,000 times, and 288,000 people buy Minecraft every day. You can measure its popularity by reading the information above.

Minecraft game is definitely beautiful and blockchain style is an interesting idea, and if you have ever wondered how good the game is if it is simple, isn’t it great? Yes, clear your mind, the answer to your thinking is “How to train in Minecraft” with cedar.

How Shader Work

Shader is the best way to get the most out of the game. This is an easy way to change the Minecraft controls, you can change the light and shadows in the games so you can easily create the result you want.

Minecraft version 1,115 shaders are very popular in the community of Minecraft players, and this power is available in new source packs with many changes that contribute to the beauty of Minecraft.

This shader gives the game a unique atmosphere and realism, you can change the color, shape and appearance of the sky. Shadows have been popular and popular since Minecraft released its latest version 1.15.

After many requests, we decided to write a blog about making a rainbow flag on Minecraft, so in this article, we wrote about how to build a flag rainbow on Minecraft Mac and above. But before that, let me list all the platforms that support flags in another version of Minecraft.


Supported version

Java Edition (PC/Mac)


Pocket Edition (PE)


Xbox One


Xbox 360






Wii U


Nintendo Switch


Windows 10 Edition


Education Edition


How To Make Banner In Minecraft

As with the rest of the game, you need to gather information first. The flag requires a piece of paper and a magical gold plate. In addition to creating flags through Craft Grade, you can also earn flags by shooting innocent cops.

1. Open the Craft menu.

To create a banner like other traditional products, you must first open the manual. It opens with a 3×3 screen where you connect the pieces.

2. Add things.

As mentioned earlier, you get a 3×3 score on the workflow. In general, you can hang six identical ropes and a piece of wood on the fence to make a flag. It should look like a symbol.

At Minecraft we make the Rainbow Flag, you can place the golden magic ball in the first row of paper and in the second box. Make sure you follow the example to determine if you can build a proud flag.

If you place the pieces in the correct order, the Rainbow flag will appear in the box to the right of the action box.

3. Put Inventary

When you create a Rainbow banner, you can send it directly to your list. Making a flag is not a difficult task.


If you do not want to make flags first, you can trade your flags in games. Familiarize yourself with a high quality map. They often offer one or two blank flags in the usual emerald colors. If you can not find a native, you can visit an expert shepherd.

Obtaining Illager banner

Minecraft Around the world, there is a flag called the Illagar Flag. To get this, you first need to do a few things. Later, flags can be used to make rainbow flags using a variety of techniques.

Find a pillager outpost

You have to go for the iron. It can be seen near the village. It felt like the best in the game.

Meet the patrol leader

However, the iron was handled by a group called Ions. You should be ready to get into the post, because the irons will attack you when they see your move. Of course, you have to kill the gang to get to the head of the police. The good news is that you can get a guide for visitors from a phone guide with an alligator flag.

Grab the banner

Kill the guard to catch the flag. The flag is on the ground when the leader dies. Just hold the flag and use it as you wish.


The creation of a Rainbow banner is not available in the official Minecraft course. However, this article showed you how to make a rainbow flag in Minecraft.

Today, there is no guide to creating a rainbow flag in Minecraft. The flags are long celebratory blocks. They are often found in school and you can arrange the flags with patterns and colors. So if you want to make a rainbow flag or a great flag, you can use colors and styles. To create a flag, you must submit information. Although flags can be smashed without hands, using an ax will give immediate results.


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