How to make a Map in Minecraft?


Open the Art Desk to make a map.

1 Place the compass in the middle of the grid, then fill the remaining boxes with paper and draw it on your list.

Maps are really great for most things in Minecraft, from finding an adventure back home to having great views of your massive base, even creating great art on your walls.

Although the mapping is a bit more advanced, it can be done early in the game, especially if a player is very familiar with the game and mechanics. The maps are really interesting and can be used for survival purposes apart from making art of bases and houses in games.

Where can I get a map in creative condition?

Maps can be found in various sections of the creative menu.

What do you need to map in Minecraft?

To make a map in Minecraft, you will need:

  • Crafting Table
  • 8 Paper
  • 1 Compass

How to make a map in Minecraft?

Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s a step-by-step guide to mapping in Minecraft:

The first step in making a map is to make an art table. The first step in making a handicraft table is to convert recently obtained logs into wooden planks.

To plan wood, simply place the logs stored in the slots in the Survival Inventory crafting table, as shown below.

Sugar is easiest to collect if you have a sugarcane farm, but it can also be stored in almost any biomass. It is found with water – it can be a lake, river, or sea. This is because the sugar needs to be blocked with water for growth.

You can then use your stick to make the paper. You can use this link for more information on making paper!

Next, you need to make a compass.

Compasses require materials such as iron and Redstone, which means they need to be mined at the bottom of the world. Redstone contains a lot of material, but it has to be mined from iron ore.

To make iron rods, use the following craft combination.

You can use this link for more information on making a compass!

Now that you have your paper and compass, you can make your own map!

To make a map in Minecraft,

Step 1 Change your manual table and open your art table GUI.

Step 2 Then, fill the outer border with paper, filling each square evenly in the middle.

Step 3 Then center the compass, as shown below.

Command for map in Minecraft: / @p enter Minecraft: Filled_Map 1

Do you know?

  • Passing to a third person allows you to access the map without interfering with any view on your screen.
  • Some applications can be used to create custom maps. They allow players to add their own photos or text instead of the original maps.
  • By creating multiple maps of a large area, you can create a large map of an area on a wall with a map and object frame.


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