How to Breed Horses in Minecraft?


This guide will give you everything you need to know about horse breeding in Minecraft! We’ll take you through from start to finish, so you can ride on your dreams!

what you will need

It’s a good idea to eat some apples or carrots before going on a horse ride. If you have one in hand, wild horses will follow you, and otherwise, it will be difficult to return to base. Then you’ll need a golden mascara or a carrot to complete the growth, so keep that in mind.

finding horses

To breed your perfect horse, you have to start with some wild dogs! Wild horses can be found in 2–6 herds in plains and savanna biomes, and even in some fenced areas in rural areas. It’s good if you already have some crazy horses. You’ll need at least two to get started. Just take a look at the “Statistics&B” section below to make sure it’s what you need.

Statistics and Formats

There are two main things you should keep in mind when riding horses. The first thing is clear: When you are looking for a wild horse breed, you should always look for a horse that is of the color and pattern you desire. Horses come in 7 colors and there are 5 different patterns to mark them, which means there are a total of 35 different sizes to choose from!

Another thing you may not have noticed: Horses change their size as well as their physical abilities. These changes reflect their health, speed of movement, and coding height.

The slowest horse can barely run faster than a single player, while the fastest horse in the game is twice as fast as a Minecraft on the way to power! The fastest thing is Elettra, and that’s the subject of another article.

Horses also vary in their coding ability, ranging from as little as one block (like a player) to be able to clear more than 5 blocks!

The latest change is in health. Horses have a maximum health of 15 to 30 hearts, and a healthy horse can make the difference in close combat. When you ride, you can see the health of your horse at the top of your list. Always ride horses for a while and check their statistics before breeding.


Breeding Horses in Minecraft works like most other animals – you need two adults, and you need to feed them so they are in the mood. However, there are some interesting variations in horse breeding. The first is that the horses must be raised first. It’s easy – just stay on the horse until it stops you, and be ready to start over. If you are stuck then read this link.

The second point is that horses only enter the “breeding stage” when you give them golden oysters or golden carrots. The price is high, but with accurate statistics, the horse is worth it.

When two horses are close to each other in breeding conditions, a smaller horse is born! Seven! It will take and share a color from your parents, 1 in 9 can be completely different! New baby generations, hats, and health statistics are also inherited from the parents, but their counts vary according to color. Abilities are average, between two parents and a third, random value. This means that the nerd’s abilities will be mixed between his parents, in which something new happens.

You guessed it, apples and carrots can quickly grow to full size by feeding. Try and test his abilities. If you don’t get the horse you want, wait a minute and try again.


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