‘Angry Annie’ Sells To Key Territories Ahead Of Locarno Debut – Deadline



EXCLUSIVE: Paris-based company Indie Sales has sold Angry Annie, French director Blandine Lenoir’s latest feature, to a host of key territories ahead of the film’s world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival on Thursday.

The film has been sold to Benelux (Cinéart), Canada (Axia Films), Indonesia (FALCON Pictures), Italy (I Wonder), Israel (Lev Cinema), South Korea (Ak Entertainment), Switzerland (Agora Films), and Taiwan (AVJET).

Inspired by true events, the film takes place in France in 1974. When she accidentally becomes pregnant, Annie, a working mother of two teenagers, meets with the Movement for the Liberation of Abortion and Contraception (MLAC), a group of doctors and women who perform illegal abortions in the public eye, practicing a free, safe, and respectful method. Gradually Annie will join their battle, which will bring a new meaning to her life.

Laure Calamy (Call My Agent, My donkey, my lover & I) stars alongside Zita Hanrot (School Life, Eden) and India Hair (Mandibules, Staying Vertical).

In a statement, Constance Poubelle, Senior Sales and Marketing Executive at Indie Sales said: “Angry Annie is more than ever an important film in this struggling time for women’s rights. We are thrilled the story of Annie will be shared with an international audience who will discover the brightness and humanity portrayed in this feature film.”

Angry Annie is a French co-production by Charlotte Vincent for Aurora Films and Nicolas Brévière for Local Films. Diaphana will release the film in France later this Fall.

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